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New Layout

2 cent to you US colonists! ;)

My Views

New layout:

+ New bottom and top bar are more designed
+ Neofriends sidebar
- Use of clothing, finally
- Even more flash ads that don't get blocked (or is that just me?)

- No sidebar (the Qaslan one was great for fake lettering)
- Redraws of pets especially the Grey ones
- Even more image heavy so bad for our slower connections

Oh god!

Just check various accounts.

My pets are OK except my Plushie Poogle:

can be changed to

Grey Gelert can be changed from


and both my Jelly and Ghost Poogles have weird eyebrow things?!

And what the hell happened to the Krawk?!


I other news, to host all the various images to help us, I offer my website. I have created a directory and opened up uploads.

Please add new pet designs, themes and anything else you find
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