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Bored without NC?

If you're already bored and missing NC, remember my offer: Play 3kingdoms! Download Portal or use another client of your choice (e.g., zmud, tinyfugue, cmud for Vista users). 3k is a text game, like an interactive book, but with more numbers. I usually describe it as a very large chat room where you walk about killing monsters.

If you want to play, I have a bit more info in my LJ, and am happy to ramble at length. Contact me in-game as Dyanara, Kaindell, or Chaostrophy; Enriana, under that name, can also hook you up. Or talk to me on MSN; I'm angharadty at gmail. Just make sure I know who you are.

(I'm posting here partly to avoid boredom right now; Derek's setting up my new monitor, which has issues, so I can't be on 3k until that's fixed. =( But I'll be online later tonight, assuming this ever gets put together properly.)

edit: Well, back to my old monitor for now. New monitor is a piece of crap. By the way, never buy a 22" LCD. 20" and 24" are fine, but 22" is crap. Who the hell designed this system.

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